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University Literature Class on Tolkien:
(My Notes, as Recorded by Erik Tracy)

In response to the requests of several people, I am offering the following transcriptions of my notes from a class I took several years ago at the University of California at San Diego in the Fall of 1992. There are 10 lectures, each of which has been transcribed (by myself) and delineated by lecture number. I have also included a transcription of the Midterm, given at week 5.

The class was Lit 177 taught by Professor Stephen Potts. It was a typical university class: 10 weeks (quarter system), 1 three hour lecture per week, Mid-term (33%) and Final Paper (67%).

The Syllabus was:

The professor had put on the reserve list at the library, various reference and critical works of Tolkien. They were not required reading. Unfortunately, I did not make record of this list.

I will not attempt to order or make sense of my notes; I have enough troubling just deciphering my own extremely horrible hand writing (Tolkien commented that his handwriting was "spidery"; mine is more like tangled spaghetti).

I do not take any responsibility for the accuracy of the professor's statements as he made some mistakes as recorded in my notes. I made asides and comments while taking notes during the class; these are denoted by [italics].

The course, as a whole, was very enjoyable. The professor's emphasis was in showing how Tolkien's Medieval and Religious background influenced his works.

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