Rogue Redemption

The first part of this gives RR Quest. The second part of this is all about order.

Rogue Redemption Quest

I need to find "Lon the Redeemed" in Solusek Temple and tell him "I am a rogue in need of redemption". He wants me to collect two gems for him and return them to Ortallius in South Ro. These are the Gem of Stamina and the Gem of Righteousness.

For the Gem of Stamina, I get a note from Lon and that takes me to Dagnor's Cauldron to talk with Conium Darkblade (poison merchant) whom I give the note to. Following the prompts, I'll get an axe called "Never Stop Chopping" (NODROP). Then I got to "Top of the World" in to a guy named Falyn who will give me some background info, then I go to the lumberjack bar and talk to Bryan. When I give him the axe, he'll give me a container to fill with the following:

Parts Anyone Can Pick Up:

Parts I have to Find:

Dropped (and I think I still have to get these):

Parts that have to be collected to be brewed:

All this needs to be "brewed" to produce a Blackburrow Swig (so I guess Frell will be doing a little brewing to push up his skill, just in case Blackburrow Swig is NODROP).

Once I have the above, I combine them with the box from Bryan and I get a Box of Spirits. I give this back to Bryan and he gives me the Gem of Stamina.

I'm now halfway there.

For the Gem of Righteousness I need to find Noresa Sparkle in West Commons (inside a hut near befallen). She wants me to save her from Kizdean Gix. She also mentions a gem case which I'll need two keys to open and would have to return the box and the keys to the "original boxcrafter" to find what is inside. We all know Kizdean Gix and where he spawns...we'll get to kill him again, only this time we want to get the note he drops. This note (which may or may not be needed), is in Goblin and tells of a Dark Elf outcast who stole a sparkling purse. We can find the outcast, named Lynada The Exiled, in Solusek A in the High Shaman room (this might be too high, not sure). Killing the outcast gets me the Sparkle Purse. Return the purse to Noresa and she gives me one of the keys.

At this point I should be 2 levels higher than I am now as I'll need lockpick skill of 120 at least to open a door in East Freeport where the gem case is...or maybe I can get Xixxik to open it for me. :)

Now I get to go to the Freeport Sewers and find Toxdil. He only spawns at night and can be found near the exit into West Commons (West Freeport perhaps?). I ask him about the gems and then about the gem case...he tells me that he has the key, but will only give it to you for the gem inside the case (this is a pretty stupid thing, no?). Go back to Noresa and purchase a "Sparkling Sapphire"...apprently Toxdil is an idiot too and is fooled by this purchased gem and coughs up the key. Give both keys and the case to Bubar in the EC tunnel and he gives me the Gem of Righteousness.

Shew. Now the last bit.

Return both gems to Ortalious in South Ro and I'll get the Burning My Ass Rapier: 7/20 PIE AGI5 DEX5 LORE,MAGIC,NODROP PRI,SEC Effect: Ignite procs at 30.

Bitchin camaro.

Bringing Order to this Quest

Some people despise those that do quests out of order. Bah. I think it's enough to do the damn things...and the way they are ordered at times really gets very old. At any rate...

Things to do before talking to Bryan McGee:

Now I'm ready for HPH. Talk to Falyn. Talk to Bryan. Give Bryan axe from Conium, combine all the spirits, give box of spirits back to Bryan, receive Gem of Stamina.

Things to do before talking to Noresa:

Talk to Noresa, follow the prompts, return the purse, get the key. At this point, spend the 500-600pp to buy the Sparkling Gem from her. Ugh.

Things to do before talking to Toxdil:

Things to do before talking to Bubar in EC Tunnel:

Give them all to Bubar, get the gem.

COMPLETION: Give both gems to Ortalious in SRo. Done.

Note that the first three sections can be done independent of each other. The fourth section requires Norsea and Toxdil to be completed.