CIC Pics

These are various images I've shot from time to time when I've been hangin with the CIC crew.

Dlonir: I am not a witch! Now cut me down!
Blackcomb: She is a witch! But I don't know her! Cut me down!

Mistmoore was extremely cool to watch these guys in action! Little Frell was just along for the ride to pick up a couple of quest items. It really was impressive to watch these groups work through the trains of mobs together.

No doubt about it, those little gnome tinkers can make some cool stuff.

Note to self: Don't Ever Tease Kenderea About the Color of Her Hair!

The only way Shamans travel...and robeless wizards. Of course we get to see such exciting things as the edge of the world.

Proof that: The Claw Kills. You can't see him, but Blhue Grhass was off to the right.