Eyepatch of Plunder

This is obtain through The Lost Map quest in IC.

  1. Find the Lost Pirate and he'll babble through some stuff about his map.
  2. Talk to Ami the Buson and say "ye scurvy dog", then "what is a buson". She will talk about a gammar manual, ask her about it, and she will tell you it's missing chapter P (a different quest).
  3. Back to Lost Pirate and tell him Ami wants Chapter P. Walk though the quest with him and he'll give you a 4 slot container book. It is said to be bugged, so you need to camp out and come back before it will work.
  4. First Part of an Iceclad Map -- Looted off of a Dire Wolf Stalker which spawns after you kill the dire wolves by ToFS in IC. There is speculation as to whether or not it's killing any/all of the dire wolves in the zone. There is also a lot of speculation on where he pops. One claims he spawned twice in eight hours about 300 yds from the portal ring near the beach with the small round bergs. This guy cons lt blue at 52.
  5. Second Part of an Iceclad Map -- Looted from Stormfeather in IC. Varying information on spawn rate, but he spawns uphill from the 3 gnomes sitting. If you are on the hill facing the gnomes, he spawns a little to the left of the tree and wanders up the hill.
  6. Third Part of an Iceclad Map -- Kill Tizmaks in Great Divide until you have 4 of the NO DROP chunks of meat. Hand 4 meat to Bloodmaw in the same zone. He will despawn after you give him the meat and then say "I want the map please" to the gnome captive. He gives you Map piece 3.
  7. Part four can be looted off Lodizal.
  8. Put all four pieces in the book and combine it.
  9. Give book back to the Lost Pirate. He will give you back a Completed Iceclad Map.
  10. Take map to Captain Nalot and he will reward you with the Eyepatch of Plunder.

Obviously the last step will be the hardest. Heh.

The result is the Eyepatch of Plunder.

Eyepatch of Plunder
AC: +10 Str: +10 Dex: +10 Magic Resist: +6 Fire Resist: +6 Cold Resist: +6 Poison Resist: +6 Disease Resist: +6 HP: +50
Weight: 0.5
Classes: All Classes
Races: All Races
Inventory Slot: Face
[Velious] Required: Yes
Can be stored in Medium and larger containers
Last updated: Thu Jan 4 20:33:48 2001
Effect: Captain Nalots Quickening (20 percent haste, 10 min duration)
Type: Triggered
Charges: Unlimited