The Halfling Power Trio

One of the most fun groups Frell has had since starting EQ was with my buddies Blhue and Pionier. Bring on all the 1/2ling slander you want, we just have way too much fun. These are ordered with the most recent on top.

Blhue: So how do you like my new spell, Grasping Dock Support?

Blhue: Whoah! So that's what happens when a human dies at my feet!

Anti-Halfling Slogans:
"Cooked Halfling, It's What's for Dinner!"
"Halfling, the other smelly meat!"

Blhue: Now if I can just get a good +wis shield, people will stop asking me for gates!

You put your heeaaadd in, you put your heeeaaaadd out, you put your heeaaadd in, and you shake it up and down...

"Did we just get killed by a white cat?"

Frell: C'mon Kend! I'm getting all clean!

Blhue: Damn we killed him good Dohlnear!

Frell Dreams: Uhhhhhhhhh...<droooool>...I think Thurgadin is my favorite place in Norath.

Pionier tried to swing a little too far back on this one...we missed the next frame, but he fell over backwards.

As Pio stood back up, Frell and Blhue laid down the Halfling Smackdown.

Pionier decided he wanted a picture in Spider Alley of Fironia Vie. Just out of view is the spider that killed him shortly thereafter. If ever there was a stubborn 1/2ling...

Pionier: "Man that merchant is gonna be pissed...the tree hugger Blhue planted one in her tent."

Blhue: "Hey guys, check out my new Shield Tree spell!"

Frell: "I kicked his ass so hard his corpse ran up the tree!"

Frell at his best...

Brrrrrrrr...those chilly desert nights...

Frell: "Oh my. The tree is on fire. Sorry, my water is for drinking, when I'm in Ro."

Pionier: "Ack! Run away! It's a BlhueFrell!"

Frell can fly! Kinda.

The Halfling Power Trio OWNS this place!

Pionier Whispers: "Do it...I dare ya!"

Frell to Gob Adds: "No, no. Wrong halflings. We didn't order any pizza."

Pionier: "I told you they fart during fights, now put the damn torch out Frell or you'll get us killed!"

Blhue: "If only I had a bucket of water."

Blhue: "It's mine I say! Mine! Get back, damn you Frell!"

Frell: "No, Blhue! Root the damn wolf, not me!"
Blhue: "Muwhahahahahahahaa!"

Frell: "You hit it first."
Pionier: "No, you hit it first."
Blhue: "I'm not hittin it first."
Frell farts.
Pionier: "Woob woob woob!"

Blhue: "Damnit Frell! I told you not to kill it yet. *sigh* Being stuck in a corpse sucks."

I think this was our first big kill.

Frell: "Okay...I got up what?"