Saloch and Yasmine: A match made in EQ

This was the first event I ever attended as CIC member. I was woefully unprepared for the effects of alcohol and the bunch of lushes we have in our great clan! As you'll see, I passed out somewhere along the way and someone stole my camera (that's my story and I'm stickin to had nothing to do with filling up my harddrive with snapshots).

And here Dragorak and Dlonir talk about love, life, memories, and how to take a screen shot.

And this was the response to Draorak's last question, "So are you nervous Yasmine?"

Saloch, "Okay, so why is everyone staring at me? It's my bald spot isn't it. I knew I forgot that patch of gnoll fur today. Damn!"

So everyone who can hear Shandora has told her so...let's begin. :)

No, really guys, come up here and let's start. No, I'm not kidding.

The matron of honor steps forward...

The matron of honor makes a toast...something about minors and such.

Dragorak: "What? huh? Oh! We're done?" /clap /blush " where did I put that ale..."

One if only we could find Horak.

Horak? Horaaaak? Horak! Stop makin eyes at Bella and get up here!

I think Saloch said it best.

Is Yasmin laughing at something?

Uh-oh...someone handed me some ale.

See what happens when you can't hold your liquor? I have no idea who stole the rest of my pictures...

All in all, a fun activity, much cake, a few roses, and a lot of beer. Not to mention the great joining of two kindred spirits!

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