Kahar and Malabu Get Hitched

Some great images from the union of Kahar and Malabu!

Just a tad late as the ceremony had just begun...so I missed the starting lines, but I will quote from each image.

Lili says:

sharing all the things of this
like spring mornings, strong and fair
hot as in summers nights the air
sweet and tender just like fall
white and warm like winters all
but even more, keeps soul and heart
and dreams together as one part
the circle works just as I tell
for life and love and dreams as well
<Lili smiles>
look at this couple here with me
look at the love here you can see
the bond between them will survive

Lili says:

today to us they want to show
and prove it with each others vow
through life and death, victory, defeat
only together they succeed
<Lili glances at Malabu>
Malabu do you want to take this bride...
make her your wife be at her side...
to her be faithful and be true...
because she just belongs to you??
Malabu says: I do will all my heart [Yes, he was nervous]
<Malabu kneels before Lili in humility and reverance.>
<Lili smiles to Kahar.>
<Kahar smiles. )>

Lili says:
Kahar do you want to take this man...
and do for him all that you can...
make him your husband and your mate...
and follow then your path of fate??
Kahar says: yes with all my soul and heart!
<Malabu stares dreamily at Kahar, completely lost in her eyes.>

Lili says:

round and round the world does so
round and round a ring shall be
a ring which everyone can see
it holds your love, your trust, your soul
<Kahar holds Mals hand.>
and worn by both it makes you whole
<Malabu gives Kahar his ring>
The ring you give will always say
this is the one to whom you stay
this is the one that holds the key
to your heart, your destiny
it says you're husband and you're wife
will protect each others life
pass winter storms and summer nights
enjoy together morning lights
earth and sky, birds and trees

Lili says:

oceans can dry, mountains can fall
only love survives it all!
<Kahar slides her ring to Mal on his finger.>
Hand and heart, dreams and soul
all connected makes you whole
makes you a couple through and through
and therefore I will give to you
the blessing of the gods above
to make grow, protect your love
husband and wife, from now you'll be
and for everyone to see
hold your hands, enjoy have fun
<Kahar holds Mals hand.>
<Malabu holds Kahars hand.>

Lili says:

because from now you are as one
<Malabu cheers.>
<Kahar blinks a few times.>
with the magic of my light
<Malabu blinks a few times.>
your path is open, shinging bright
Malabu grab your wife, give her a kiss
because we all want to see THIS!!!!
<Malabu picks up Kahar and gives a big smooch>
<Kahar kisses her husband>
<Malabu kisses his WIFE passionately.>

Lots of nice spell effects...

Lots of nice spell effects...

Everyone cheers...
<Lili whispers a few ancient words and a new name appears.>
Kahar and Malabu Sunchaser!

Oh my...we can't forget that we set a new Norath record for the number of deaths on the way to a wedding. Of course, we also must remember Malabu's second sentence as a husband to Kahar: I'm okay I just want to see the water falling and I'm not _that_ drun...
You have taken 10000 damage.

Lortus gets down and boogies! For some reason, Saloch's dance routine (which started it all), didn't turn out...sorry Sal!

Thilos: Oh...My...God...Pleco really did jump...
Dlonir snickers softly...

After Thilos tried to push Dlonir off the cliff for playing such a cruel practical joke on a drunk person...she levitated him as well.
Thilos: Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Dlonir: I'm sorry Master Saloch, I did not heed your words.
Saloch: I warned you, young padawan, monks cannot hold their liquor. Now quick, put his eyepatch over the good one!

Kahar really liked the waterfall...

I think Malabu decided he liked the waterfall too!

Saloch dances the night away...compliments on the brewing were abundant... and a nice shot of the lovers themselves.

Good uncluttered waterfall shot.