Unix Server Ramblings from a Couple of Geeks

Who? Why? How?

Well, I'm Scott Powers (guy full of ideas) and he's Brad Viviano (guy who pokes holes in my ideas). I'm a unix developer and Brad's a system administration god. We've been friends since the start of college and through two jobs after college. I used to lead X/Mosaic and (for a short time) HTTPd at NCSA. Between the two of us we had some strange ideas on how to manage multiple websites on one machine (mine were always stranger, Brad seems to be more sensible). At any rate, through the years we've come up with a fairly decent system of managing web/ftp/nfs/apple_babble/M$ servers. This is not to say it's perfect or to say we know the best way to do everything...but it's been a system in place for 3 years now and it works fabulously. So, what you'll find below is a few "digressions" into each realm of management. I tried to give a thorough description of "why" we did things the way we did...and I think succeeded in most cases. I did not go so far as to give the actual commands to perform the operations as they are almost always different from unix flavor to unix flavor.

This grouping of psedo-random words is not intended for anyone other than a unix sysadmin type person. Unix is a server OS and no matter what anyone says, in the year 1998 there is no other OS which can handle being a server of any consequence. With that said, enjoy the pages provided. If you have suggestions for additional information or corrections (whatever), please send them to spowers@viviano.net.