Wishlist Contacts:
Will Powers -- w.powers@tcu.edu
Lois Powers -- lfp@viviano.net
(817) 249 - 7409

NOTE: If you are thinking about getting me something I didn't list, please check with me or my parents. I have more books than my Dad...a lot of games...a lot of videos/dvds...etc. Not that you would ever find out if you got me something I already have...but hey. :)

NOTE 2: Since this is going out to multiple people...it would be really cool if everyone could "coordinate" with each other. I know...I'm really hoping for the impossible...but if you decide to get me something (see I can be realistic!), then send e-mail to "lfp@viviano.net" and let her know what you got me...then she (my Mom in case you are wondering) can cross that off the list. It would be best to "reserve" my present before buying...okay, so now I'm getting silly.

NOTE 3: The reason for NOTE 2 is primarily in pay back for the pestering I always receive from my parents for getting them a wish list. I figure if I have to go to the trouble of telling people what to buy me, they can at least do me the service of making sure I don't get duplicates... right? Now I'll probably receive twenty identical lumps of coal, eh?

A NOTE ON ORDER: There is no real order to this list of stuff. I really like it all. It's all practical (at least to my warped sense of reality), so Dad can't say I don't have anything "usable" on here...I mean I asked for bookshelves...geez.

This year I went straight for the list instead of categorizing. Have fun!