CSC 231 -- Course Syllabus

Course Overview:

This first semester (CSC 231) will be spent learning the basics of 3D graphics programing. You will be using OpenGL in C on SGI machines (Unix/X). You will not need knowledge of Motif or any other widget library as the X interface code will be provided. By the end of this semester you should be proficient in OpenGL and ready to tackle more complex programing problems in the next course (CSC 232).

Course Outline


The programming guide is commonly referred to as the "redbook" (it's red). The above two books are required for the course. If you would like references for other books, please ask.


This grading scale is subject to change depending on the number of tests, projects, etc. You will be notified of any changes, however you can depend on the course being heavily oriented towards projects.
As you can see, the final project and 5 projects make up half of the course grade. Each test, homework, quiz, and project is worth 10 points, the midterm is worth 30 points and the final project is worth 50 points.

Grade scale:

Attendance Policy:

It's simple. If you have not previously contacted me, there will be no leniency. In-class homework or pop quizzes are definitely forseeable. If you have a legitimate excuse, other arrangements can be made.

Office Hours:

My office hours are 1 hour before and after each of the class periods. If this time is not suitable, then other arrangements can be made without a problem. I am flexible and always willing to help out.

I can be reached at:
239 - 2551 (work)
355 - 2896 (home)

If it is not a pressing question, e-mail is very reliable because I check it 5 or 6 times a day. There is voice-mail at my work number and an answering machine at my home number...if you leave a message at one place, leave one at the other as well. Be sure to leave a number I can reach you at and the time and date you called. If you resolve your problem and do not need my help, please let me know so I don't waste time trying to track you down.