Quick and Dirty Documentation for H3D

  1. Look at the demo in my public_dir/misc-examples/htest. The source and model file "fury.h3d" are there as well. To run the demo, type in "./htest fury.h3d". You can use the mouse to rotate and zoom and the following keys: <s> - decrease star count, <S> - increase star count, <f> - load in a model (enter filename from prompt), and <ESC> - duh.
  2. To use the library libh3d.a, you need to add "-lh3d" to your LIBS line in your Makefile.
  3. Next you'll need to add this include line:
    #include <hfile.h>
  4. Before ever calling "renderModel()", you will need to have called "readModel(fname)" and received a non-zero number back from it (indicating successful reading of the model).
  5. To display the model, call "renderModel()" making any necessary transformations beforehand.
  6. When you are done with the model, you should free it by calling "freeModel()". If you call "readModel()" after a successful load, it will automatically free the previous model for you.
  7. Take a look at the structure of some example model files. You will want to look at the H3D Documentation.